January 31, 2011 § 3 Comments

There is a reason behind the blessing I give you each night.

I want to leave a deep and lasting impression upon your heart so that in times of disbelief, you will return to what you have always known to be true.

Blessings on you. Peace, peace, peace.  You are beautiful.  You are good.  You are loved.  You are a miracle.

May the words that have become like the air you breathe, be brought forth as a light to guide your way.


Your Shoes

January 30, 2011 § 2 Comments

Dear Little Tiger,

I bought you these princess sparkle dancing shoes for a Christmas party at Grandma Boo-la’s house.  And since then you are rarely seen without them on.  Unless I insist that you can’t wear them because it is raining and the sparkles will fall off if you jump in the puddles with them on.  And that would simply break your heart.

The other day a sparkle, one teeny-tiny sparkle, fell off your shoe.  I thought we were going to have stop at the store on the way home to buy some glue and attempt to glue that very small sparkle back on.

Luckily, you forgot about it by the time we got home.

These shoes seem to do something to you every time you put them on.  You become a dancer.  You become a princess.  You sparkle.

The questions!

January 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear Little Bird.

You ask a lot of questions.  A LOT of questions.

How big is the sun? Is it warm? How does it stay warm? Can the sun warm you when you are in the car? How does the sun get inside the car? Is the sun part of the solar system? Where is the solar system? When will you take me to ride those horses? Is it Saturday today? Is it Sunday? Will I go to school on Tuesday? What about Wednesday? What about Thursday? And Friday? Will I go to school on Friday? What is water made of? How does it turn into snow? Why does it make me wet? What sound does an octopus make? Can I have a snack?

Dear Little Bird. Keep asking questions.  And if I seem to get a little exhausted or can’t answer everything – don’t pay me any attention.  Ask anyway.

Or maybe go ask your dad.

An excellent sister

January 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Starting our grocery trip off on a good foot...

Dear Little Bird.

Thank you for being such a good sister to Little Tiger.  You teach her how to bark like a dog. You share your snacks with her. You show her how to rinse her toothbrush in the cat bowl. You pat her on the back when she is a little sad. You share the doggie ride with her at the grocery store.

You are thoughtful. You give good encouragement.

I am proud of you.

PS. Maybe you can teach Little Tiger how to rinse her toothbrush at the sink instead of the cat bowl.  Just a thought.

The same goes for toothpaste

January 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear Little Bird.  Dear Little Tiger.

Remember that thing with the three bags of cereal + one bag of chips?  Remember the advice  I gave you about putting something where it does not belong?

The same goes for toothpaste.  I know, I know, you’d think the two are completely unrelated.  However, I am here to assure you that just like cereal that should only be poured in a bowl, toothpaste should only be put on a toothbrush.

Not on the toilet.

Really.  Squeezing as much toothpaste out of the tube as quickly as you can before I turn back around – not really that cool.  I consider it unsanitary.  Not to mention a bit messy. And rather wasteful.

I will admit that squiggles of toothpaste do look kinda cool on a toilet seat.  It’s got a type of artsy-feel to it.  I get that.  But let’s not make this a habit.

Toothpaste only goes on the toothbrush.

Be Kind to Your Garbage Disposal

January 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Your dad has unclogged the garbage disposal about four times in the last six months.  It’s not his favorite thing to do but he graciously takes the disposal apart, cleans it out, puts it back together and then reports back to me what NOT to put down it.

For the sake of your future dish washing happiness, please take note.  Do not throw the following things into the garbage disposal (even if you think no one will ever find out):

  • beans
  • tuna fish
  • rice
  • pasta
  • onions
  • carrot peels

I give you this advice because I love you and care about your future well being (and that of your housemate, partner or spouse’s).  Truly.

The Little Ballerina

January 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

How is it she is already a little ballerina?

Dear Little Tiger,

I smile as I watch you hold your hand above your head, pinching your skirt between your thumb and finger just like Cinderella, slowly twirling around the room.  What song plays in your head as you dance for us?

What a lovely dancer you are becoming.

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