Sticky Notes

March 10, 2011 § 1 Comment

Dear Little Bird,

The little notes you have been leaving around the house?  LOVE. THEM.  Learning to spell and write whatever you want to?  Isn’t it so fun?!

When I came around the corner last night and saw the note on your door, I just stood there smiling and tried not to wake you up with my laughter.  I love your funny ways.

And when you told me exactly what your note meant this morning?  That it was a picture meant to scare Little Tiger to send her to heaven to see God and then to come back and tell you what she saw – well, that part I didn’t really get.  But I love your imagination.  Keep it up, my girl.


Lucky Ducks

March 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear Little Bird.  Dear Little Tiger.

Just wanted to let you know.  I love your dad.  A lot.  Like tons.  And I am so glad that you get to know him.  Before we had kids, I remember thinking, “I sure hope we have kids.  Someone has got to have Mike as a dad.  He’s amazing.”  And look at the two of you.  You got to have Mike as a dad.  You are two lucky ducks.

The man is patient and creative and adventurous and generous and always has a ton of compliments to give – just what ever girl needs.  Let me tell you, the man knows women.  Even better than a woman knows women.  I often wonder how he does that.

I’ve certainly got more to tell you about how wonderful your dad is but we’ll save it for when you are older.  When we start talking about the men you should date and avoid and all that stuff.  Let’s hope that is a long way off, right?

Conversations in the Tub

March 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

Dear Little Tiger,

Okay, so when you were playing in the tub and I heard you saying over and over to yourself, “You’re perfect” I really did think you were talking about me.

But when I asked you who was so perfect and you said “I am” in your adorable little squeaky voice,  I felt a little bad.  I really thought you meant your mama – moi!

Well, it’s for the best.  Wouldn’t have been any good for me to think I was perfect.  Going down that road hasn’t worked for me in the past and it sure won’t work for me now.

I’m glad you think you’re perfect.  It’s good to start life confident.

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