Happy Easter!

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Happy Birthday

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Dear Little Tiger.

Three.  Really?  You had to go and get older on me?  Man, I just can’t believe it.

Yesterday you started your first day of preschool.  You beamed the entire drive to school and back.  And Mrs. Corbin reported that you were quite independent and ready to participate.  I guess it’s time for me to let go of the idea that you need to be around me all the time, huh?  Well, alright – I’ll let go.  But just a little.

PS. I think three is going to be a very good year.


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Dear Little Bird,

You’ve got me stumped.  Lately you run around the house yelling, “Kah-raw-tee, kah-raw-tee, kah-raw-tee, YEAH!” I can’t tell if you are trying to be a super-hero or a crazy person.  Which one is it?

And if you are trying to be a super-hero, which one are you trying to be?  And how do you know about super-heroes anyway?

If you are trying to be a crazy person…  Well, let’s not get into that.

You are super silly.  And I love it.

Planning to Eat

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Dear Little Bird.  Dear Little Tiger.

If it were up to Little Tiger and myself, all we would do is eat good food.  So, that’s why planting seeds was a good idea.  Right?  We’ll grow our OWN good food this year.  And since gardening on the NW Coast is a bit tricky, starting the seeds indoors is how we’ll try to make it work better than last year.

Speaking of last year, remember that?  Six zucchini plants that only produced three zucchini?  So much for that.  And those carrots?  Remember how many carrots we planted and how bitter they were?  Nuts.  Don’t forget the garlic I tried growing.  Instead of a head of garlic, we got one very large, inedible garlic clove per plant.  So weird.

But this year, this year it will be different.  We will take good care of our seeds.  Water them.  Move them twice a day to get the maximum amount of sun.  They’ll spend the morning at the East window and then move to the West window in the afternoon.  We will encourage them to grow with lots of singing and dancing and prodding.  Yes, this year will be better.

And in a few months, we’ll have squash and sweet-tasting carrots and fragrant rosemary and award-winning-pumpkins and hand-picked lettuce and green beans.  And Little Tiger and I will be able to eat our way through our lovely little garden.

Now if only those seeds would start growing!

Meet you at the coconut tree!

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Dear Little Tiger.

You keep talking about going back to being a baby so you can wear diapers again and be spoon-fed your dinner.  Little Bird pointed out very seriously and a little sternly, “You will never be a baby again.”  My heart broke into a million tiny pieces at hearing these words said out loud.  Ah, but that is the way things go.  We are not meant to go backwards – only forwards.  And that, my darling, you are doing so very quickly.

I want to capture some of our favorite things that you are doing right now.  Like the way you say “echo.”  And the way you run around the house yelling, “Meet you at the coconut tree.”  Where did you get that from?!

The other day, you confirmed with dad that the puffy sleeves you had on were the same ones that princesses wore. “Right, dad?”

You love very small toys.  Not big toys that we can keep an eye on and find easily.   Nope.  You like the toys that get caught between your sheets, underneath your car seat and behind the sofa – making it very hard to locate when you want to play with them.

You chatter constantly with me, your sister and yourself.

These things make me happy.  I love watching you.  And while I wouldn’t mind if you revisited baby-ness every once in awhile,  I’m quite in love with the woman you are growing up into.

“I stand before what is with an open heart.  And with an open heart I dwell in possibility.  I stand before what is with an open heart.” Velma Frye

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