Meet you at the coconut tree!

April 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear Little Tiger.

You keep talking about going back to being a baby so you can wear diapers again and be spoon-fed your dinner.  Little Bird pointed out very seriously and a little sternly, “You will never be a baby again.”  My heart broke into a million tiny pieces at hearing these words said out loud.  Ah, but that is the way things go.  We are not meant to go backwards – only forwards.  And that, my darling, you are doing so very quickly.

I want to capture some of our favorite things that you are doing right now.  Like the way you say “echo.”  And the way you run around the house yelling, “Meet you at the coconut tree.”  Where did you get that from?!

The other day, you confirmed with dad that the puffy sleeves you had on were the same ones that princesses wore. “Right, dad?”

You love very small toys.  Not big toys that we can keep an eye on and find easily.   Nope.  You like the toys that get caught between your sheets, underneath your car seat and behind the sofa – making it very hard to locate when you want to play with them.

You chatter constantly with me, your sister and yourself.

These things make me happy.  I love watching you.  And while I wouldn’t mind if you revisited baby-ness every once in awhile,  I’m quite in love with the woman you are growing up into.

“I stand before what is with an open heart.  And with an open heart I dwell in possibility.  I stand before what is with an open heart.” Velma Frye


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