Planning to Eat

April 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear Little Bird.  Dear Little Tiger.

If it were up to Little Tiger and myself, all we would do is eat good food.  So, that’s why planting seeds was a good idea.  Right?  We’ll grow our OWN good food this year.  And since gardening on the NW Coast is a bit tricky, starting the seeds indoors is how we’ll try to make it work better than last year.

Speaking of last year, remember that?  Six zucchini plants that only produced three zucchini?  So much for that.  And those carrots?  Remember how many carrots we planted and how bitter they were?  Nuts.  Don’t forget the garlic I tried growing.  Instead of a head of garlic, we got one very large, inedible garlic clove per plant.  So weird.

But this year, this year it will be different.  We will take good care of our seeds.  Water them.  Move them twice a day to get the maximum amount of sun.  They’ll spend the morning at the East window and then move to the West window in the afternoon.  We will encourage them to grow with lots of singing and dancing and prodding.  Yes, this year will be better.

And in a few months, we’ll have squash and sweet-tasting carrots and fragrant rosemary and award-winning-pumpkins and hand-picked lettuce and green beans.  And Little Tiger and I will be able to eat our way through our lovely little garden.

Now if only those seeds would start growing!


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