Don’t Forget…

June 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear Little Bird.

You look good with a bubble beard.  ‘Nuff said.

Those shoes that uncle Hank bought you?  The gorgeous handmade leather shoes?  You won’t go anywhere without them on and I have to bribe you to get you to wear shoes a little more appropriate for the playground.

You pretend to be Elizabeth.  Elizabeth-who-is-five-for-reals-not-pretending.  You are so serious about it.  Most people you introduce yourself to call you Elizabeth and think you are five.  I still think of you as Kaia who isn’t quite five yet.  Slow down, girl!

You don’t seem to like any dog but Mimi’s dog Bingo.  Same here.

Remember when we went to see Grandpa in the hospital and when we left I cried all the way down the hallway in front of you and everyone else?  And remember how later you told me that if James or Liliana or Maya were in the hospital you would be sad too?  Thanks for saying that.  You are such an encouragement.

It is these things that I hope never to forget.


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