Two Lost Teeth

January 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

Dear Little Bird,

You lost your tooth!  No, you lost two teeth!  How exciting.  I think this occasion was one of the most exciting moments for me.  Loosing a tooth seems like such a very big deal.

You handled the entire thing with so much calm and composure.  The dentist told us about two months ago that your teeth were wiggly.  I kept wiggling them to be sure he was right.

Finally, after much waiting (I really don’t like to wait long), you wiggled your tooth so much it just came right out!  We’ve never really talked much about the Tooth Fairy so you weren’t inclined to give her your tooth.  You carried that tooth around for a full week.  You proudly showed everyone your tooth.  You lost it once at the coffee shop.  You lost it once at Oma’s house.  But we always located it again.

On the night you lost your first tooth, the Tooth Fairy left a letter expressing her disappointment that there was no tooth to collect.  But she left you a lovely felt barrette anyway.

When you lost your second tooth a few weeks later, it was like no big deal.  One minute you were chewing your lunch, the next minute you were holding up your tooth.

This time you wanted to leave your tooth for the Fairy and she left you a lovely string necklace with a felt heart.

Congratulations, Little Bird.  You are growing up!


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